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Akadia Learning Center


Our English online school was established in 2010 in order to help more students learn English online, simply from the comfort of their home. When we say students, we mean students of life and of all age categories, who live any part of the world.  

Here at Akadia Learning Center, on a daily base we help so many students, that want to improve their lives in one way or another. Each student has a different dream or goal and that is why our teachers create individual lesson plans that best fit the needs of the student. 




We help our students accomplish their dreams, with English!

What makes studying with Akadia Learning Center different:

1.Our individual approach to each and every student: 

How would it look like if we would help you? No matter what your goal, this is generally what we do first, in a few simple steps:

  1. we would help you define your goal/dream first! What is your motivation behind wanting to study English?

  2. we find out what your current level of English is, at the moment and discover what you are struggling with 

  3. together we discover your strengths and weaknesses

  4. lessons are always individual, so you get the time and the attention that you need. No group lessons!

  5. we focus on what needs to be improved first, in order to help you move forward 

  6. your native tutor will recommend a lesson plan based on your goal(s) 

2. We have top qualified teachers and they are all native speakers:


You will be taught by a native speaking tutors.

We only hire the best teachers that qualify to teach our students. 

We pride our-self on providing the best private lessons to each student and all of our teachers are native speakers for whatever language they teach. You, as a student, will learn more from a native teacher, then from non-native speaking teacher who only teaches part time or only as a hobby. Our teachers are professionals at what they do! All our teachers are qualified and have teaching experience. We do not hire just anybody, you are in a good hands. 

3. Your goal, on your time

Your individual lessons will be designed around your life: you will choose a set time and date that suits you! Our tutors will do the best to accommodate your needs. 

4. Your individual online lessons with your private tutor 

You will be assigned your private tutor that will stay with you along the way, helping you reach your goal. We do not confuse our students by making them study each lesson with somebody different. Your qualified tutor will teach you from the beginning till the end.  

5. High quality lessons

Lessons are designed and re-engineered so you can reach your goal! We do not teach you what you already know, or what we want. All lessons are individually designed specially for YOU, to move you closer and closer to your dreams as you study, to the point where you accomplish what you wanted. There is no more wasting time. Everything is set up for you to succeed!

6. Classes are taught online over Skype 

You will need a good internet service and Skype. No more wasting time travelling for your lessons!

7. You will be able to see your progress

Along the way, you will be able to see the progress in yourself. You will become more confident in your English skills. You will see the progress more clearly when you finally reach your goal.  

8. The actual amazing results of our students. We care about your success!

We do not teach English like many other websites - for a low cost, you get to speak with anyone, who is not qualified and most likely teaches English as a hobby. There is nothing wrong with that, but that is not our standard. We love teaching and we only hire qualified teachers who have high standards of teaching as we do! That is why our students get such amazing results.


We do not just teach English, we help our students to reach their dreams with English.


This helps them to accomplish what was not possible before they started with us. That is what motivates us and inspires us to help our students. We care for their success and that is why over the years that we have been teaching, more and more students recommend us to their family members and friends. 

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What is your dream?

We are looking forward to helping you, Get in touch with us to see how we can help you. 

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Our Philosophy 
  1. Helping students worldwide. 
  2. Student, in our definition, is every person, who is willing to learn:)
  3. We help & teach online, via Skype. We provide our service worldwide.
  4. We love to see our students succeed. We help our students above and beyond to make sure they are doing well, no matter which online course they study with us. We are helping students to succeed!
  5. We pride ourselves for having students and teachers of all age categories, no matter their religion, ethnicity or belief.