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Are you tired of chasing job offers,

or - would you like to be promoted? 

It is hard to compete with others for one open position, if you sound the same and have nothing more to say.. Most people talk about themselves, rather than what they can offer, because they are not even sure, what it is. Most people want to get job where there is nothing much expected from them, they just want to keep low profile, to have a secured salary, and do just minimum work, for minimum effort. This is a dangerous line to be living at. People who live like this - if they currently have a job - will be fired in the future, because they bring no or very little value to the company. If you are easily replaceable, bringing no or little value, it is a big problem!!! 

Who is this offer not for? 

This is not for you, if: 

- you are not good at what you do

- you just want to get any job, keep low profile, do minimum work for minimum effort (there may be others, who can help you just survive. Not us. We help clients move forward, be useful and thrive at what they do!

- if you have no skills, no knowledge, no value to give 

- you don't care where or for who you work for 

- are not willing to take our advice and help

- if you are closed minded, living in scarcity and in surviving mode

Who is this offer ideal for?

It is perfect for you, if: 

- you have a desire to move forward in life

- you would like to find the right position that can fit your talents, skills, eduactiion and needs (great salary)

- you want to be a benefit for the company, so they see your value you bring and generously pay you as well

- you want to get a new job or you want to get promoted

- you are not sure what you clear advantage 

- you know you have gifts, talents, knowledge and skills you can work with

- you know you are meant for more, that what you are compensated for now. 

- you feel your CV and motivational letter is not as good as it can be

- if you want to stand out!

We can help!


Client 1

We worked with a nurse, that wanted to change her position and apply for a higher position, yet, she was not sure if she should or can. We leaned, she had more than 20+ years of experience! We helped her craft an irresistible CV and motivational letter, so she can stand out. Also, we helped her see her worthiness and all the skills, knowledge and experience she already had. that she was bringing to the table.  When we did, she applied and got hired the same week. There was no interview process, the other candidates were asked not to come. She got hired during a call - when they asked a few questions and then told her to come and start on Monday! What a success!

Client 2 Project management

This young man was working in Russia. First, we helped him to get the language certification he needed (he took IELTS lessons with us and successfully passed his exam), because he shared his dream with us - to live and work in Australia. After he passed his IELTS exam, we helped him craft CV and motivational letter, as well as to prepare him for the interview process. He wanted help to find the right position, so we helped him to search for the right postion for him as well as we helped him to get VISA and also, we researched the salary - what amount he can ask for and get and what he should not settle for!  He applied and got hired. He moved from Russia to Australia. He lives there now happily for a many years, he took his family with him. He has a better position and much more higher salary that he ever had! He was excited and we excited for him, too!

Client 3

We helped a younger lady, who was working in Czech Republic for many years. She was working for pharmaceutical company. She had a dream - she wanted to work in Germany, but she felt like her dream is a big stretch - because she could not speak German, and it all seemed impossible to her. We knew the language barrier is not a problem, so we focused on international companies, where she can use her English skills instead! We helped her, as with our other students, to prepare her for each end every step, including finding the right company and position to fit her talents (Finding the right position + company, irresistible CV, motivational letter + interview preparation). She ended up being one the two top candidates, and....of course, with all of our help, tips and guidance... she got hired! It was a larger international company, so the process took about 2 months, but it was all worth it! She received a great position & much more higher salary then she had! She moved to Germany, met a wonderful men at her work - they got married, have a wonderful  baby and enjoy living and working in Germany! Her dream came true.


We are excited to see how out client's lives changes for the better!!!



There are not dreams that are not possible. It is only your own limited thinking, that shuts the door to the opportunity! We help you see beyond of what YOU think is possible for you!