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       Online Homeschooling

We teach a full curriculum online for primary & high school students. 

We offer the following subjects of study:

  • English


  • IB studies (core level, SL level, HL level)

  • English literature

  • Math

  • Science (Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Geology, ...)

  • Design & Technology

  • History

  • all AP courses

  • SAT preparation online classes

  • Cultural studies 

  • Foreign language studies (Russian, French, Spanish, Czech, Greek, Italian, German and other)

  • and other...

We offer:

online group lessons for 2 or more students

or individual 1-1 online lessons

We have qualified and accredited teachers who have 5+ years of experience in the given subjects. 

All lessons are taught online via Skype.


Step 1    Register here 

Step 2    Choose & buy

Online monthly Study Packages

Prices are listed in USD, per one month, per one child. 

Study selected subjects of your choice 1x a week 
               Monthly study packages 

4 subjects each week x 1 lesson/each subject

$480 mth

6 subjects each week  x 1 lesson/each subject 

$720 mth

8 subjects each week x 1 lesson/each subject

$960 mth

If you have more than one child, you can pay of each child separately based on the options above or you can contact us and we can send you link to make one payment for all your children together. If your child needs more or other subject, please contact us via FB message,Skype: Akadia Learning or by filling in the contact form on this website. Thank you.