International Project Management             Association Certification

Interested in becoming a professional International Project Manager?

Pre-requirement must have finished one of the PMP courses

If you are an individual wanting to improve your competences as project manager, programme manager, or portfolio manager, you have come to the right place. Here, you will find information regarding IPMA’s certification schemes and information about international recognition. Let us help you in your journey towards becoming or developing your competences as international professional manager.

Once you finish the examination for IPMA you will then be considered one of the top selected project managers. You will have the opportunity to be contacted first for any PM vacancies around the world by some of the top project management companies and firms. You will also be given the opportunity to set on various boards for professional management associations around the world.

IPMA is a federation of about 70 Member Associations (MAs). Our MAs develop project management competences in their geographic areas of influence, interacting with thousands of practitioners and developing relationships with corporations, government agencies, universities and colleges, as well as training organizations and consulting companies.

Certification Validation and Management Board

The IPMA Certification Validation and Management Board (CVMB) is responsible for the development and coordination of the qualification and certification programmes within IPMA on behalf of the national Member Associations and Certification Bodies. The CVMB governs the rules and regulations of IPMA’s certification and validates the individual operations of each of the Certification Bodies globally to maintain its high standards.

A key challenge facing global and national organisations is the recognition of their employees in certification terms for all roles within the domains of Project Management, Programme and Portfolio practitioners. The CVMB ensures that national Certification Bodies, through the IPMA Certification Regulations (ICR) meets the required standards to deliver a truly global system across Projects Management, Programmes and Portfolios. It maintains and develops a unified and structured approach to certification, guides mature, developing and prospective new Certification Bodies and contributes to the development of new standards in the global market.