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NINJA International University application process: 

simplified & easy!

Do you feel confused or overwhelmed about studying abroad? Are you not sure which University can be the best option for you? How to apply or where to even start? ...
Do you want to apply for Ivy League or any other standard University?
No worries, we've got you covered. We have successfully helped many students to find the right match for them.
Ninja preparation application process
Efficient, smooth and fast step-by-step process to help you: 
Ninja Zen: Clarity and Focus
Do you know where do you want to study and whom do you want to become? If you have a clear vision, great! If not, do not worry. We will help you define your goals, visions and your future ambitions and match you with the Universities that suit your needs and wants. You will receive clarity of knowing your vision for your academic future (field of study) as well as your desired University to study at.
Great Ninja match
Creating a good match for you, based on your knowledge, skills and field of study. Matching you with a great University, where you have the best possibility to succeed and be accepted. We will apply in the University of your choice or if you are not sure where you want to study, we will apply in the University that matches your goals/desires/field of study.
Smooth Ninja Application process
We will simplify and tell you all that you need to know and help you fill in all the documents related to this process, making sure everything is properly completed, nothing is left to chance and that you have provided all the valuable information that will help you stand out. We will help you review/correct/edit your essay and letter of reference. We will review/edit all of the application documents before they are submitted. 
Bulletproof Ninja Interview preparation process
We will tell you all that you need to know so you will be ready when this moment comes. We leave no room for hesitation, anxiety or stress. You will be prepared and you will feel confident. We will cover all psychological secrets as well as self-image, self-presentation, how to conduct the interview & most importantly how to set yourself apart from the other applicants!
Smart Ninja Scholarships/grants
Do not know where to start? Can you be eligible for scholarship/grant? If you need financial assistance, we can help you find suitable scholarships and/or grants offered by private or public institutes.  We will find suitable scholarships/grants, help you complete all the required documents and we will also review and submit them for you. 
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our student's testimonials:


“Akadia Learning Center helped me with the registration process from beginning to end. I wanted to attend King’s College, in London, England and I thought it was not going to be possible for me. With their help, I am now a full-time student at KC, Thank you ALC for all your help.”



“I was told that I was wasting my time searching for the best course (in Engineering) in an Institution in Australia and I had pretty much given up.

I contacted Akadia Learning Center and they helped me save precious time by instantaneously getting me an admission to an institute of my choice and the course of my preference. They also helped me to prepare my student visa application. Thank you, I wish them all the very best.”


“Getting into a good university is much easier to dream than reality. I was baffled for a couple of months with the information on "How to get into Top Ranked Institutes" over the internet. I was also not sure what I want to study, until my friend refered me to Akadia Learning Center. They help me with the whole admission and acceptance process, which went smoothly. They also helped me get a partial scholarship. Thanks a million.” 

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pictures, ALC.jpg
Olga G. Moscow, Russia (University of Toronto, Canada)
Rodion L., Gdansk, Poland (University of Sydney, Australia)
Andrea H. Portugal,
(Nottingham Trent University, UK)
Imagine, this could be you!


value packages

Helping you from the beginning to the end of this process, including applying for scholarhips/grants:
  • defining your dreams/goals
  • finding your great match
  • application process (how to correctly apply and answer)
  • documents review +submission (letter of recommendation, essay, etc.)
  • interview preparation
  • scholarship/grant application+submission
  • Bonus: visa application process (if required, we will help you with that too)
Master VIP Ninja
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Helping you from the beginning to the end of this process:
  • defining your dreams/goals
  • finding your great match
  • application process (how to correctly apply and answer)
  • documents review +submission (letter of recommendation, essay, etc.)
  • interview preparation


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