mini MBA Executive Development University Program

Being a successful manager requires understanding many subjects and practising a range of skills. The mini MBA program will introduce you to a broad range of management areas, giving you the ability to make effective management decisions. With this course, you will gain a good understanding of key strategy and leadership issues and the latest trends in business.

This is knowledge that will immediately benefit your personal and professional development, as well as improving your performance in the workplace. You will also be able to identify new areas to focus on if you choose to undertake further study.

Key areas covered:

  • The challenge of managing yourself

  • Successfully managing individuals Leading high performance teams

  • The fundamentals of finance and budgeting

  • Guiding growth through effective business strategy

  • Inspiring and managing change


Gain valuable skills

This course will increase your confidence and your managerial abilities, particularly in terms of strategic delegation, deadline organisation, problem solving, change management, and team development.

Networking opportunities
Through this course, you will be able to meet other professionals and develop new, beneficial connections.

Turn theory into practice
You will learn how to apply theories and best practices in your current role through simulations, role playing, case studies and discussions.

Receive a Certificate 
After successfully completing the course, you will be awarded a Certificate for the mini MBA Program from LBS  (London Business School)

Duration : 6 months



Your new opportunities upon completion:

  • Worldwide recognition of your credentials

  • Opens the doors to thriving career opportunities or you can start your own company

  • You will learn and develop top level management skills & great analytical skills

  • You can confidently manage projects & teams successfully

  • You have more  confidence in yourself and your ability to successfully accomplish every task.

Tuition Fees:£3,900   (Pay in full & save)                          




Monthly Payments : £700  (6 Equal payments ,Total payment of £4200)

6 Equal Payments                

Advantages of this program:

  • start anytime 

  • short 6 months online course 

  • accredited by LBS

  • study from the comfort of your home via Skype (good wifi signal is a must)

  • private online lectures with your private online lecturer

  • this course is taught by professional experts

  • payments are easily accepted online via secured Paypal

  • simple 1 minute registration

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