Project Management Professional (PMP)

1 year Accredited Online British University Degree Program


Designed for anyone working in a project team environment or engineers who see an increasing management component in their work, this module will equip you with general project management skills to help you to deal with problems that can occur. It’s applicable to any field of work, especially those with a high technological content. You’ll also gain practical experience of using project management techniques, including the use of a software tool, with a real project of your own.
The topics covered include project initiation, risk, estimating and contracts, planning, human factors, project execution, and standard methods.

Advantages of this program:

  • upon registration & payment, you can start right away

  • study from the comfort of your home via Skype (good wifi signal is a must)

  • private online lectures with your private online lecturer

  • taught by experienced professionals within the field

What can accredited PMP program do for you & your career growth:

  • this program will open new doors for you regarding your career, for which previously, you may have not been qualified for

  • this program can help you work internationally

  • the knowledge and skills you will gain in this program will help you apply your skills to many other areas, personally & professionally

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Our Success Stories

PMP course helped Katarina get a new wonderful job for a great company, that without this program, she would not be able to qualify for! She got hired even during Covid times! She works now mostly from home, which she loves. This new career change gave her better financial income than her previous job did, as well as more time freedom! "Amazing learning experience, which helped me boost my career and same time showed me that study can be pleasurable experience. Growth in career and same time as person. Highly recommend to everyone." Katarina I.,Czech Republic


Vitaly was working for a company, where he was receiving minimum salary. He knew he had to learn more skills and gain more knowledge, because he wanted a better life for himself and his family. He decided to take this accredited PMP course . After completion, he received a great job in Australia, with a 5x higher salary than he had before! He always wanted to work there, and now he does live there with his family. It all started when he invested into his own education and developed his skills. (We helped him also with the job seeking process, interview preparation, creating a professional CV and more).

Max's story & other successful PMP graduates... Coming up soon. 

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