Do you feel like you are LOOSING your English skills during summer?

Our top 3 tips on how to NOT to forget your English skills:


Talk, talk, talk!

Wherever you go, practise your English anywhere you are. Ask for direction, ask native pople what is worth to see in that city, what are their traditons, how people live there, what is the best place to go shopping and much more! You will find more valuable information by asking people who live, there rather then just following what you have read about the city or country and what everybody recommends in some general tourist guide. The more you ask, the better your English will improve too.


Look around!

Keep reading signs, information posts, newspaper, menu, books and all that you can see. You will not only practise your English vocabulary, but also by actually seeing it, you will know how to correctly write the word too and that will help you remember it more easily.

In most countries, all important informations for tourists are written in English language, keep looking around.


Meet new friends!

When you make a new friends on your vacation, practise your English conversational skills. Practise your English to the point that you speak with another naturally, do not worry about your mistakes. Try to express yourself the best way you can and decribe or tell them about what you have seen, talk about what you did or saw that day, or talk about anything that you like. Have fun!

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