How Polina came to us with her "impossible dream" to study dentistry abroad and we helped

All of our students, no matter if they are young learners, teenagers, adults or older senior students, they all study English because behind the intent to study English, they all have a dream, a vision or a goal!

We do not just teach English like the other schools on the market, we help each student to define their goal and then we re-engineer this big dream or goal to achievable parts. We take the BIG goal and create smaller steps to get them there. Our students do not study English for the sake of just learning English, they all have a bigger drams in mind, such as studying in a particular country or at a certain university, to travel to England, Australia, Canada or the US - where they can actually speak confidently with native speakers (that was a dream of one of our elder student, that she actually accomplished) or being able to speak to anyone and not be embarrassed and some students study business English to accomplish their business goals to get a promotion or find a new higher paying career. We are happy to help each student, that is what we have been doing for many years and why our students love to study with us and they keep coming back or they refer us to their family members, colleagues and friends.

Now, we are happy to share with you Polina's story.

Our student Polina had a dream too, and it was a big one! We actually like when our students know what they want. Polina's dream was to study dentistry either in the USA or in Canada, but people around her told her it was impossible, because she is Russian and that her English and education was not good enough!!!

She contacted us and shared her dream with us. After testing her English level properly during her first lesson, we knew she needed to improve her English level first. We created a two step plan for her, which included studying 2 hrs. of English, 5 days a week for 6 months! She was excited because she could see how this will help her! It was an intensive course that we put together for her. When she started, her English level was pre-intermediate. After 6 months studying with us, she reached the advance level and she also passed her IELTS exam, where she needed a band score of 7. Polina’s hard work paid off, she received a band score of 7.5! She even surprised herself, she got a better band score then she could have dreamed of!

After the first step was accomplished - improving her English and completing her IETLS exam, she was ready for the second step. She joined our Ninja International University Application Process, (more info here). Her dream was to study dentistry in USA or in Canada. She loves this field of study. Of course, we helped her with the full application process. In total, we had applied at 12 Universities that she was interested in and that she selected. A few months later she was asked for an interview from 7 universities! We helped her with the interview preparation process, which helped her a lot! She felt confident, prepared and ready for her interviews!

Shortly after, she received acceptance letters from 4 Universities!!! She was amazed! She called us back crying, we thought something happened, but they were tears of joy, because she could not believe it. She just wanted to share her joy with us, and ask us to review the acceptance letters to make sure they were real :) At this point, it felt like a dream to her! We confirmed it and she was so happy! She had more options that she ever thought possible! From these options, she had selected the university she liked the most, The University of Waterloo in Ontario, Canada where she currently studies dentistry. We cannot be happier for her!!!

What about you?

Your dreams are also possible to achieve, but just make sure you are getting advice from somebody who knows what they are doing and have helped many students! Many people say this or that cannot be done, but those people who say that, hardly accomplished anything in their life. Sometimes when people tell you your dream is impossible, they mean no harm, mostly they try to keep you safe, but safe from what? Safe to live mediocre life?

Your dream should be worth to pursue, if it really makes you feel happy and excited about your life and about your future!

Also realize, how does it make you feel? Notice that it makes you feel powerless when you listen to people who tell you what you can and cannot do and what they think is possible or not possible for you, and then notice that you feel powerful when you feel excited about reaching your dreams and goals, living the life you always wanted :). Not only that, but you are also happy. That is the difference.

Make sure you learn and follow the advice from somebody who can actually help you, someone who really cares about your goals and dreams. We care and it shows. As much as we like our students, they like us too. We are thankful for that! We are happy to make a positive change and help our students to reach their dreams so they can live the life they always wanted.

What is your dream? What are you doing about it?

Like, comment, share!

If you want us to help you too, the fastest way to reach us is via FB messenger :). Let's talk :)

Akadia Learning Center (ALC)

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